Volkswagen Touareg launch delays

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    The introduction of the New Volkswagen Touareg seems to have been delayed in India as even after the unveil at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, India still awaits the new Volkswagen SUV. As per the media reports, it is said that some pricing issue has resulted in the VW Touareg launch delay. The falling rupee is said to be the sole factor that is keeping the new VW SUV away from India and as soon as the rupee strengthens, one can expect the new car to arrive in India. The current version of the VW Touareg is priced at Rs 51.85 lakh.
    The new Touareg will have a V6 engine that has 3.01 L capacity and being a TDi engine it churns out 245 PS of power that accelerates it to 100 kmph speed in just 7.6 seconds which is much better than the present generation car. Also the new Touareg has an eight speed automatic gearbox. Besides this there are lots of other features that make the wait for this new VW SUV worth.
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