How to get a M(Motorcylce) License in Toronto?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by GTD, May 23, 2011.

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    Since my trip in India has been cut short by a month. I would be returning at the end of july. I feel that this is the perfect opportunity for me to grab my motorcycle license. However i dont know how to go about this. Since i am a newbie to bikes i would like to know where in etobicoke(rexdale area) can i learn how to ride a bike and how much does the renting of the helmet and bike cost?

    Since i dont have much experience with bikes i would like to learn first. And can i rent a bike without a credit card? since my credit cards cancelled? and where and how do i go about giving the test? and how much is the passing rate? do they fail you often?

    I hope Gagan can help me on this since he is from near the same area.
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    I am not sure about Canada but I guess rules work same as in Australia as my friend was telling me whilest my stay in Canada

    I have full motorbike license

    In Australia,you have to go thru this procedure:
    Learner's permit: You can get the learner bike license in one day. The courses are run every weekend it will cost you about 255 dollars and if you are good enough you will walk with a license at the end of the day and can ride a 250CC - 660 CC ( learner approved vehicles)
    The power is restricted on those bikes.

    Within next 3 months you can apply for P(Probationary) Type license ( if you have a Full car license you don't need P you can go to full license test)

    The courses run on the weekend and it takes one day to get the Full license however you are still restricted for next 1 year.
    Means you cannot take a pillion passenger and you have to get a Learner approved / Restricted bike.
    Restriction is waived off automatically after 1 year of the Issue date.

    I hope this is the same as in Canada.

    Lets wait for gagan
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    i might get mine this summer too. its very similar to Australia rules. this link should help alot!!
    Graduated Licensing

    in the summer humber college has classes all the time. so check on there site for more info for that. they have the bikes, you just pay and drive through the courses they made in the parking lot. check this link for diffrent places that offer.

    one of my friends got a bike first and then got the license. he just drove around the area for about an hour and got the hang of it.
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    yeah they give yoi bikes ;) included in the course

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