Honda hacked; 283,000 car owners details stolen

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    Honda Canada has released a statement on their website that thousands of personal details for Honda and Acura customers may have been stolen.

    According to, the press release issued by the company stated that 283,000 owners details including customers names, addresses, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and in some cases Honda Financial Services details were stolen.

    In a what seems to be a wave of hacking over the past six months, the number of major corporations being compromised has seemed to be on the up rise. Just a month ago, Sony Corporation had their PlayStation Network hacked, with millions of gamers details and even credit card numbers stolen.

    The database that was compromised was used in a program in 2009 that had users to register their vehicle with the myHonda website.

    Honda did note in the letter to customers that the information stolen did not include birth dates, credit card numbers and bank accounts. Regardless of the information stolen, users should be cautioned to check their credit card and bank statements for any fraudulent usage.
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    damn . i wouldnt register
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    sucks for the people who registered.

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