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    The Ninth Generation Honda Civic is built to be a driver's delight. Read on to know about the new 2012 Honda Civic
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    Here in the Indian market the Honda Civic is known as an entry level D-segment car. On the other hand the seventh generation Honda Civic was quite a favorite for the ‘Need for Speed’ generation of the time. There was no end to which the car was fitted with performance modifications. Then there was the hatchback Civic Type R which was a phenomenon to drive. And here is the really catchy part, the engine in that car revved to 8000 rpm. That’s Ferrari territory! But what the really made the car sell was the practical part. The car had plenty of cabin space and the boot was big too. A bachelor could easily get all his property into the back and then drive like an absolute maniac. The car offered the best of both worlds really. It was so good in fact that it was faster than the eighth generation Civic Type R.

    Now though there is a new Honda Civic and the people from Honda are adamant that they have tested the car extensively. They say the car is tuned for ride comfort on poor road surfaces. And is meant to be an absolute joy to drive when the roads are good and you fancy some speed. Honda has fitted fluid filled bushings on the rear suspension to improve ride and handling. So, that’s the two most important aspects of a car ticked off. But what about practicality? Honda have stuck to the age old torsion beam rear suspension. They say that the torsion beam suspension is very compact and this allows them to maximize cabin and boot space. So much so that the new Civic will offer class leading passenger and boot space.

    The ninth generation Honda Civic ticks all the right boxes then. It will be an affordable, reliable, fast, and comfortable car, all the reasons that made the previous models such a success. The new Honda Civic hatchback will debut in the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. Expect the car to come to India as a sedan.

    The Honda Civic may only have made its entry into our market a while ago, but the car has been around since 1972. The eighth generation has been on sale since 2006. Over 20 million Civics have been sold worldwide. Currently the Honda Civic is in production in 14 countries and is sold approximately in a 160 markets.
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