FEE ALPHA green Military Vehicle (Armoured)

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    Ricardo and the US military have come up with a greener, more fuel-efficient armoured vehicle compared with the large conventional types. Called the FED ALHPA (Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator) the tough tank is lightweight and showcases a number of fuel-saving aspects.

    Low-rolling resistance tyres are pretty common these days on normal sedans and hatches, but on an army tank-like vehicle? This FED ALPHA machine has them, specially developed by Goodyear to help reduce the big rig’s fuel consumption.

    The FED ALPHA is also made from a lightweight Alcoa Defense aluminium structure which helps to keep weight to a minimum, again, all in the name of making it as fuel-efficient as possible. Even though a specific fuel consumption rate hasn’t been mentioned, the project is still undergoing thorough testing to ensure maximum efficiency.

    As for the specifications, the FED ALPHA is powered by Cummins four-cylinder diesel engine linked up to a six-speed automatic. The FED also features a 28-volt Kollmorgen permanent magnet integrated starter-generator which powers electric accessories and provides 20kW of power for other on-board equipment.

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    if that is their idea of thin tyres..i wanna know what they think wide tyres look like :D
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    hahahhah i wana know that too .. may be a Chain from the tank

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